Of course…

We had a great weekend.

It was busy…

The garage sale was Saturday. I didn’t sign up to work (kinda feel bad about that) because we had so much to do… but we did stop by. Kalila was very excited about finding a stick unicorn and a Mulan book. She saw the movie for the first time on Friday and is obsessed now lol. ZJ got a Cars book and a Buzz Lightyear toy.  Keiran got Yoshi…  All are happy lol.

1075626_10153007829545103_1391041462_n 993622_10153008274440103_386710460_n

Then we had a few other places to go.  One being Go Baby Go… It was time for a new pail liner (we’ve basically gotten one new one per kid, held out longer this time but the old one was startin to wear) and I wanted to get a package of boingo’s.  Think snappie but in two parts without the middle connector. My choice was either buy new prefolds and use our snappie or buy a set of these and use infant sized prefolds still… or keep trifolding but that’s not working so well for us.  So far I’m happy with tht choice.  Baba said I could look for a new night diaper or cover or something as well…  Totally wasn’t prepared to get steered towards wool, but not only was I (and should have seen that really) but I’m already in love with this cover.



Talked to Baba and decided to sell my Boba wrap can’t use it at ths point, hoping we don’t have a squish anytime in the near future and even when/if we do I have other carriers and would rather have a woven if we get another wrap… and talked about making a pedi change.  That’s a lot harder decision and not making it lightly.. we’ll see..

Sunday we not only made it to Mass, but got there on time. Yes I’m happy about that lol.   Had our little family lunch (and saw our fav waitress…even ZJ talks to her) and then came and did housework until time to leave for the school.

There was a board retreat so I tried to make it after it was over, but missed by a bit… BUT it was really nice sitting outside for a bit. So peaceful… As was cleanin by myself lol.

Good weekend I should have expected today to go to crap…

It did.

Just started off rough and then…

Realized I can’t sell my Boba wrap.  It has a hole on one end.  A very small hole and no idea how it got there, but it is.  Very disappointed.

The cough I thought was getting better isn’t.

And my fav part… I started to clean one of my walls with my new lavender infused vinegar (so happy with that btw) and did something to my back. For awhile I couldn’t move without screaming/blinding pain.  It’s still there, but I can move somewhat…

Oh well it’s over…  Hopefully tomorrow will be better 🙂

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