7 Quick Takes Friday 7/26/13




Last weekend was the family reunion.  We were lucky this year… random circumstances equaled it being much closer to home and camping instead of motel so we were able to make it.  We had a lot of fun…  ZJ especially…


Unfortunately most of this week has seen me playing catch up and redoing all kinds of work I’d already had done. The latest (and I’ll admit I lost my cool) was the kids unpacking and trashing their room that I almost had done.. we’re talking days worth of sorting and packing, I was down to just a few last thing before taking it out.

Throw in an allergy infection and it’s been a load of fun here. I held out a little longer than Baba, we got it at the same time but he managed to walk out while the grass was being mowed and got hit lke a ton of bricks right away… mine took another week before getting that bad. Unfortunately it’s taking just as long to clear and managed to go into my head now too.


So far experimenting with coconut flour for Keiran’s bday cake is going rather badly… First try was insanely disgusting.  I can’t even tell you.  Second was highly recommended by a friend… and wasn’t as bad but still tastes off.  May just throw in the towel. Little dalek keeps stealing things with wheat anyway (today it was pasta).


I guess I can officially start counting down to school starting again too lol.  We got the calendar and supply list in an email the other day… and I got one about getting to keep my deep cleaning position just before that.  That one came at the perfect time, was having one rotten evening (just evening, the day was great).

I feel bad, but I am looking forward to it lol.  The kids are too though. Kalila told me a week or two ago that she wanted it to start the next day and ZJ obviously needs some space.


MPM has been off a bit obviously…  kinda glad I didn’t post last week though because the trip screwed things up a bit. I kept the mwambe lamb recipe on (just did it Thurs instead) and very happy with how that turned out. It’s from that cookbook Baba gave me on our first date and only the second one we’ve tried from it lol.  We joke (although its totally true) that the one recipe we’ve done before alone would make it worth getting that thing. I’m glad to have found another hit though 🙂


Kids are going to Gran’s house this weekend and everyone’s looking forward to that too lol.  No, I know they’re gonna have a blast 🙂  Poor things got confused by the reunion at first and thought we were going there so this s perfect timing!


Ending with pics as always

1343_10153035593280103_1523631542_n 15060_10153054723060103_370841234_n 935090_10153043328730103_1549339111_n 969018_10153033108230103_1048431448_n 994872_10153049363745103_1053741827_n 998198_10153035595045103_1442309458_n 1001906_10153051090725103_641027946_n 1044407_10153054723035103_1514140576_n 1069130_10153049362635103_20001562_n


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