World Breastfeeding Week 2013

I’m not even going to attempt doing any other posts than this one. I know I don’t have time…  Plus I know there are many other blogs doing just that and I’m sure anything I could say is prob already being said…


On my end…

This week is extra special to me this year. Last year I was watching the date with curious eyes. Would I be able to go to the local latch on? Would I be nursing one son or two?  Sadly I did not get to go… I was in labor with Keiran and we had a work day at school that morning.  This year though… This year I am going.  Will just be me and Keiran (well and friends, have a friend coming along with her baby too!), Baba is taking the older two out for some Baba time…  A little sad ZJ won’t be going, but realistically he’s almost done and doesn’t nurse during the day if he does at all. But yeah… I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

This week is also starting off THE week for me and emotions are pretty much all over the map. I’m kinda glad that tomorrow is the event because it’s a positive thing and I probably need that. And of course I’m looking forward to Weds 😉  Ok maybe dreading it a little too because I cannot wrap my mind around Keiran turning one! *sniff*

A friend posted a bf mom photo challenge on FB that I’m attempting to do too. Not sure I’ll get them all in there, but I think it’s cute and taking pics are easy even if a few of them I’ll have to get creative with (already have at that).

So that’s my one and only BF post this week, I promise 😉  No… I might post about the Latch On after, but def not committing to it lol. Maybe a point in the 7takes post?


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