7 Quick Takes Friday 8/9/13




We have a one year old!  I meant to post Weds but just didn’t have time. “Party” is tomorrow, but we did give him a small piece of cake.  Had a nice day 🙂

1149017_10153096081730103_638158714_n 954673_10153097335815103_959856341_n

I can’t believe he’s a year now though.  Sigh…  He’s starting to take steps now and his newest word is Yoda (LOL).


We went to the Latch On Saturday and had a great time. I met up with a friend there that I haven’t seen in awhile.. Her little one is 3 months old now, so sweet. Was nice getting to see some of the other SANP mama’s that I haven’t in a good while too… and I won a big thing of baby food pouches/snacks lol.


There are several pages full of pics on FB from the photographers, they got some great shots and I really like a couple of me… which is totlly not normal, I usually hate pics of myself.

Links –  Marsha’s pics, Memories by the Smile, Darien McGuire,


Met up with the same friend again Monday for a trip to the Witte. Kids had a blast (and was a huge stress relief for me). I kinda feel bad because I don’t get to do stuff like this with thm very often :-/ 1014174_10153088833795103_939003515_n 1098262_10153099072180103_1283566118_n


Going to start this off by saying it’s totally not her fault, I was talking to a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and just started talking to again recently.. but had an awkward moment this morning.  She asked how Betsy’s doing.  Wasn’t expecting that… got me for a moment.  Managed not to break down or get really upset though even if it was a difficult conversation.  I still miss her like crazy… I can just imagine her laughing at stuff Kalila pulls. I swear we picked the right middle name for the girl, she’s just like her sometimes 🙂


Made a cake the other day that turned out way too good. Sadly I used a box I’d gotten awhile back and noticed later that it has corn syrup (grrrr).  Basically I took a Better Crocker Super Moist cake, added Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Pudding mix in and an extra egg.  Curious if I can find a corn-less strawberry cake and have it turn out as good.  I think I’m gonna look though because I really liked it. It was gone in less than 2 days!


Can’t remember if I posted about Keiran’s sleep change or not…  A few weeks (month now?) ago I was having trouble getting him down, he was playing at night and would scream something awful if I tried to settle him down. I laid him in his pack n play finally, just frusterated and needed a break. He settled right down and went to sleep. Since thn we’ve moved it into the kids room and he sleeps there most of the night. No probs getting him down at all.  He does wake to eat though and it varies night to night, so some nights I’m still getting decent sleep like when we were bed sharing, and others I’m up to get him multiple times. If he falls asleep with us I leave him, but most times he lets us know he’s done and goes back.  The other night was hilarious, I woke (I think Baba got him that time) to him giggling away. Just laying there giggling. So stinking cute.  But as soon as I put him in the pack n play he was sound asleep again.

Mixed feelings.  I’m glad he’s transitioning well. Is nice to know he’s ready. Is nice to have a bed to ourselves even lol… But he’s still a baby and ‘m just not ready. Oh well he is so we’ll deal.


Just a couple more pics:



3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday 8/9/13

  1. Salma says:

    Wow, one year. Happy birthday Keiran. Hmm, the sleeping changes is something I cannot get used to. Hassan is still in our bed. He also gets a case of the giggles at least once a week.
    Always love reading your updates MK…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Aww thanks! I love seeing yours too, but I’ve been so bad at gettin online lately. I need to set aside a time or something to catch up every week lol.

      I’m still a little sad about the sleeping changes… there have been a few nights he’s having a rough time before we go to bed and up several tmes so I thought lets just put him with us… and then no sleep until I lay him in the other room. *sigh*

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