Another Week, More Pics, etc…

Totally meant to do a 7 takes post on Friday but I had a lot to do and time just got away from me. I’m not sure how many sections there will be to this. I’m not gonna worry about it… but catching up a bit.

The party last Saturday was cancelled. Only one person was gonna show.  We ended up taking the kids out to Peter Piper instead. They had a blast… and it was a good distraction at least.  I’m still unhappy about the whole thing, but oh well.

Monday our internet was turned off for basically no reason (something that was being taken care of). Started round one of dealing with that, spent a good chunk of my day… wasted a good chunk of my day taking care of that. Wouldn’t have been so bad if the first guy hadn’t said he was doing one thing and did another. :-/ I got a temp fix and was told to call back by Friday afternoon.

Weds I woke up sick… well didn’t exactly wake up… more like stumbled around half asleep when I tried.  Exhausted, hurt, etc… Baba stayed home and helped with the kids and thankfully I started feeling better that night. Not sure what was going on, I’ve heard about at least one other person here in town having something similar happen here in town this week though 😦

Thurs we ordered a couple pairs of cloth trainers for Keiran… silly guy is stripping off his diapers lately and we’ve noticed the one pair of super undies we have works well for him. I’m not buying more of those (we got that one to review) but decided to try out the Cow Patties trainers. I like the price and of course she always pics tempting prints to keep in stock lol.  Anyway our plan is to switch to those mostly. Still wool/prefolds at night… and keeping out a few PUL covers to use as/if needed.

Friday morning I dealt with the second half of the internet situation.  Managed to be more annoying than the first call…  It isn’t over either… it was escalated and we should hear back in a week or so.  Gido and Nanna gave Keiran his bday present, which is really cute… a helicopter thing with a doll (little people set or whatever). He loves it… but I have never seen the kids fight so badly over one toy ever.

Yesterday…  Baba went in to work to make up hours for Weds and I took the kids over to the school for a work day (not my cleaning thing, but one of our co-op responsibilities).  Planned on being there 4 hours, but only ended up staying half of it because ZJ had meltdown after meltdown at the end… Kalila was upset because she didn’t want to leave her friends…and I was in the middle of a project, thankfully found a good stopping point but still.  Anyways, all hungry and needed some stuff over on that side of town so we went to Central Market after… Got Buddy’s shampoo and ate there, but not before Kalila flipped out over not getting to sit in the cart with the boys.  When we left ZJ made a comment about it and mentioned the store by name and that we’re going to Baby Baby Go next.  Close lol.   Went to get some wool wash and a second (wool) cover and while I found what I needed (and happy with) both flipped out in there.  I was more than ready to get home by the end of it.

Today….  Began on a great note. Kalila got up and made herself a bowl of cereal without making a mess. Started getting ready to go eat lunch and a couple kids snuck out back (feeding Charlie supposedly) and decided to make mud pies. They ended up covered.  It was pretty cute though lol.  We went to Jims to eat (they begged lol) and had a couple come up and manage to pull about all of the awkward out with kids questions/comments possible. “Are they all yours?” “You have your hands full!” “Are you the mom of all three?”  – followed by sayin what a beautiful baby girl we have… then when we said he’s a boy, she commented on his necklace saying it’s what threw her. Ok… then “2 girls and a boy”  “No, he’s a boy too”  “That’s a boy?!” (as shaking head) Then the wife got this look on her face and added “Don’t tell me that one’s a boy too!?” while gesturing towards Kalila.  At that point I actually laughed… Kalila was wearing no less than 3 shades of pink… a puffy shirt, shorts and leg warmers (she did loose the beanie and gloves before we left home).  Anyways, got done there and went a few places we’d been meaning to go.

… Beyond that

Finally getting Baba to rewatch Doctor Who. I’ve been watching Classic, which is interesting but… odd.  Excited to watch the newer ones again. The kids are starting to get more into it too, despite not really watching it (they did tonight and had a blast).

Down to one week until school starts back up.  Yes I’m counting down!  Kalila got a note from her teacher in the mail yesterday and was so excited, was cute.

ZJ decided to change his name to Chewbacca.  That started an interesting discussion the other day lol.

Keiran is taking steps on his own… Still not walking, but taking steps. So stinking cute!

And lets see if I can pull up some pics:

1175102_10153136066945103_252459944_n 1174653_10153136061940103_1844680458_n 1095100_10153129678145103_1066161731_n 1186168_10153124785675103_1830673862_n 1148973_10153117814185103_332770852_n 1170936_10153107428740103_319537269_n


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