7 Quick Takes Friday 8/23/13




2 more days!!!

Yes, I’m counting down lol.  I’m not the only one though… Poor Kalila got really upset tonight. We headed over there to get a few things done and I guess she thought that meant school starts tomorrow.  When she heard it wasn’t until Monday she’s about in tears.

But… so cute. We got in there and she just had to see her classroom and find her cubby and everything lol.  Her class is in the temp classroom and it looks really good. She’s all kinds of excited.


Speaking of school and excited.  I’m getting closer to finishing my certification 😀  I still have a few (big) assignments to do, but this last set of grades really hit me.


But… totally turning around from that one…  The last couple months or so Baba and I have been talking about me getting a part time job. Just need a little extra between school and moving. We had a plan for not having to get a sitter or use daycare or whatever, but first his schedule seems to be changing and then I applied for a job that is better than we were talking about but would mean we’d have to.  Still waiting to hear about it for sure… So we’ll see what happens.


Keiran is turning into a big ball of mischief. Earlier he tried to climb out of the tub. I was right there of course, but still kid had his leg up and over lol.  He constantly messes with my phone and has figured out how to turn on the xbox controller… which is usually followed by him either changing what’s on or fast forwarding.  He also thinks its really funny to smack me in the face and yell ow… laughs hysterically after :-/


Ran by Half Priced books last week and used the gift card I got for my bday…  has been nice being able to read again 🙂  I’m holding off on picking up the 3rd book just to make it last a bit longer lol.  Miss reading…


ZJ… has been havin a blast playing Avengers and Batman and stuff… And has pretty much stolen one of Kalila’s dolls. Carries it around saying it’s his baby. He has another that is his, but for some reason he’s attached to this one. Buddy loves it too though and they’e started fighting over it lol. He found the Iron Man costume I’d gotten at the dollar store (price too good to pass up) and hidden away today. Oops. He wore it all evening…


Ending with pics as always, sorry not many this week.


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