School, Car seats & the Boys

Yesterday was Kalila’s first day of 1st grade…



She had a blast and did again today.

In the past couple weeks or so we’ve had a couple comments about the car seats from the kids.

Kalila was yesterday.  She started in on wanting to move up to a booster seat.  Age wise I don’t see an issue… but she barely weighs enough and definitely doesn’t meet maturity requirements for it.  Poor thing can’t sit still for anything… and since she has a great seat she’s no where near the limits of it yet.  I explained why she can’t, and she grumbled a bit but has dropped it for now.

ZJ… Oh ZJ.  He started asking to forward face recently. He also stopped asking lol. Poor thing rode FF in Baba’s truck and got really sick. I felt bad for him, but he’s been really happy with his MyRide since then…

Keiran is walking more and more now… Still short distances, but he’s gotten up/past 10 steps now. The kids get so excited… It’s cute.  I found the cutest way to wake him up today too when I went to pick Kalila up… kept kissing his back/neck/cheeks.. he’s ticklish and was grinning in his sleep.

ZJ played with a kid at the school today… a little girl no less.  This is a big step for him.  He’s talking more about going to school next year too.


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