Happy Bday Kalila

Have I really not written since school started? Oops. I thought I had lol.  The past month has gone well, if too quickly.  And of course today is Kalila’s 6th birthday… That just can’t be right 😉

No seriously, we had a good day.

I didn’t end up getting to make her cake… somehow I missed that we had no sugar in the house.  Plenty of powdered, but no reg sugar to ake it with… So we went to Central Market after breakfast and she picked out a red velvet cake. Was really good so I’m not too upset by the whole thing lol.

Rained during her party, but was clear enough for the kids to still play outside some… She had a blast either way. We had it at the school instead of here, which ended up being a lot easier.

Somehow I spaced and forgot diapers so we ended up getting some 7th gen sposies too.  Was funny Keiran latched onto the bag at the store… and then Kalila noticed at home and asked me why he’s wearin paper diapers, all confused.  Keeping them in th van for emergencies so not really going to complain.

Sorry tired and having trouble keeping anything straight lol… will end this soon.  Long story short, it was a good day. We had fun. Kalila is happy.  All are tired.

One thought on “Happy Bday Kalila

  1. Salma says:

    Happy b-day Kalila.
    MK, you really do need some sleep.

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