Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a safe/happy Halloween!

Ours has been a lot of fun…

From Circle Fest last Saturday

1395808_10153387052000103_775683877_n 1382076_10153387056715103_1048853785_n

to Gido and Nanna taking the kids Trunk or Treating on Sunday


… Have to insert here. Keiran’s Dalek costume was made in about 5 min the day of lol.  For a last min one I’m pretty happy with it and the kids were all thrilled.

Then of course today… No pics from school cause we couldn’t really go join in on that fun (sadly) but got a couple right after

1424422_10153408048220103_859087518_n 1450300_10153408047895103_224991688_n

And  a bunch before we went trick or treating.  Kids wouldn’t really cooperate but was kinda funny.

1426638_10153410204110103_923204504_n 561613_10153410200695103_1338120750_n1385678_10153410206660103_1677112672_n

And Kalila got a couple of me and my little Dalek.

1383699_10153410201600103_81283170_n 1393705_10153410205550103_922139993_n

And another when he turned into “Dalek Vader”


Poor ZJ flipped part way into trick or treating when he saw a news camera 😦   After that he refused to go near anyone handing out candy, but loved looking at costumes and even said hi to a Spiderman!

999747_10153410199235103_387393387_n 1394789_10153410202215103_1976527659_n

And then Baba came home 🙂

6434_10153410204795103_1895282908_n (2)

So yeah, loads of fun 😀


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