Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was fun, but going to back up a few days here…

We finally made it to Van Horn!

Trip was planned for last Friday. Baba took off two days so we could have a nice long visit. Original plan was to go strictly to VH and meet up with a couple people on the way hopefully.  Then the day before/day of? Not really sure… my sister said something about us meeting up with her in Midland… we pulled out our phones, looked at the routes again and decided to swing by on the way back….

And then we left.

It was cold, we expected that… but then we got in to FS later than expected and Grandpa said to check and see if the roads were closed. They weren’t and we went on just being extra careful…  We got about 35 miles out and everything was stopped.  A truck jackknifed about 10 or so miles outside of town and it was backed up well past where we were.  We were stuck there for 4 hours…. Absolutely miserable. Really all I can say about that. It was horrible.

But we made it in and had a great if icy/snowy weekend.

It was nice seeing my dad. The kids had a blast. We all enjoyed his cooking (I love my dad’s cooking lol).  And of course the kids were just thrilled with the weather. Baba was thrilled with the weather… But because it was so bad we were afraid we might get stuck an extra day and cancelled Midland.  And then when it was clear we weren’t we debated going and changed our minds several times up until we were on our way.

Coming home wasn’t as bad thankfully. Roads were clear. We didn’t go to Midland… Still kinda sad about that, but we needed to make it back here at that point.

Tues and Weds flew by and I couldn’t believe it was/is Thurs already.

We got up and had a nice brunch with my MIL and then off to see my FIL’s side for basically everything else. Was  a lot of fun… I’m exhausted though… making myself write now though because I know I won’t if I don’t.  I’d add pics but I don’t have them on here yet so… sorry. They’re on FB. Or will be.

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Salma says:

    Nice to know you had a great time. These family get-togethers can be so draining.

  2. Jo Som says:

    Just to let you know that on http://mamakalila.blogspot.com/

    you are linking to a porn site: blacktating.com


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