Mostly ZJ

I’ve been trying to get to this for days and failing. If you’re on my (or Jas) FB page feel free to ignore this… its nothing new. I know a few people aren’t though, so here we are…

Long story short ZJ is in the hospital (has been since Friday). He has meningitis. We do not know which kind yet… He’s on antibiotics, running tests, etc.

Not so sh0rt version he started acting off a week ago Thurs.  When Baba was getting ready to leave for work he said his neck hurt and when we asked said he couldn’t move it. We called the pedi and was told they were full, but we could either take him in te next morning when we went for dentist (same office) or go to urgent care.  I wish we’d done the first… but we went into urgent care. They checked his ears and did flu and strep tests. All neg of course.  Then he threw a massive fit on the floor in front of two dr’s and they laughed and said no kid with meningitis could move that way…  Said it was prob a random virus, go home and rest.  Keep doing what we were.

Sunday he seemed like he was doing better.  Monday and Tues still sleeping a lot and complaining of headache. He’d have moments he was almost normal though. Weds he got a fever and we made another appointment. That night his fever spiked an when it dropped he was running around playing happily and I thought we might get to cancel. Thurs he was still sleepin and hurting though so we decided either way we’re going in.

Friday went in… Dr A  took another flu and strep test and blood work.  High white count = straight to ER…  Third flu test was neg. Finally they did spinal tap..

SInce then he’s seen a cardiologist, had chest xrays, CT, and was on way to MRI last I heard.  First ones all looked good…  and h’s still hanging in there.  Not happy about the dr’s and meds and stuff… but having good moments too.  Enjoyed watching movies yesterday and was laughing and everything.

Baba and I are switching out at the hospital.  Kalila misses her brother like crazy. He misses her and Kieran too… They got to see him for a bit yesterday but its hard having them in the room.

Beyond that… Kalila had a Christmas pageant. It was really cute… Taking her and K e I r a n by myself was just as bad as I expected, no.. no it was worse… (her massive freak out over leaving to change a diaper was probably the worst one we’ve had… at entirely at the wrong time) but I’m glad we went.

3 thoughts on “Mostly ZJ

  1. Carl says:

    Just to let you know that on your you are link to an adult site =/

    Check the page source, I see that you are linking to three times on the home page. which is no longer a relevant site, in fact they even promote adult content…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Someone just let me know that. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get it off the page, which I’m not really concerned about honestly. 1. Its an old site anyway, I no longer use it. 2. My son was just in the hospital with a serious illness I have better things to worry about.

  2. Salma says:

    OMG, Kris I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope that by the time you get this note you will all be fine. We had a meningitis experience years ago (my 5 yr. old cousin). ZJ is in my prayers.
    Love Salma

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