7 Quick Takes Friday 1/24/14




Not really sure where to start after all this time…

Part of me was/is just done with the blog, but I miss writing and the MPM posts… esp the MPM posts.  So I’m going to try to keep up with them and (maybe) this at the very least. We’ll see. I’m not promising anything…


This is kinda old, but since I left it there… ZJ is doing a lot better.  He had viral meningitis… caused by a respiratory infection. Had a cold and middle ear infection too.  We made it out of the hospital almost a week after he went in. He’s had a bit of a hard time since, even less social than before… but we’re seeing improvement. So thankful he’s ok…


Kalila is back in school, although they have a “snow day” today.  She was really confused by that at first, but is enjoying playing with her brothers now.


Keiran… is 17 months old now.  It has flown LOL.  He’s starting to talk more… There’s still a lot of baby talk, but we’re hearing more phrases and stuff too.  His favorite word lately has been yes. And of course he’s running around getting into all sorts of… fun? He likes to climb up on ZJ’s bed and play… and yesterday put himself down for a nap on there.


Baba is doing well. Working. His schedule changed and we’re very happy about it.


And me… I’m here LOL.  Not a lot I can say really though, because its pretty much the same thing every day… up, get kids ready, K to school, home, food, clean, food, food, help Baba get ready, clean, pick up K, food, homework, food, clean  – crash… with diaper changes and nursing thrown in as needed. I haven’t worked on my BAI stuff in what seems like forever…

Not complaining though it hasn’t been bad (although technically the van door falling off and me twisting my ankle when I caught it probably does qualify).  I love cooking, esp right now since we’re changing a lot of how we do that and I’m really having fun with it again… and cleaning/organizing even if it annoys me in this particular circumstance. And of course there are so many cute moments with the kids…


Ending with pics as always


1526497_10153623853435103_1802680286_n 1526615_10153598056845103_451517184_n 1510447_10153596804230103_2097499160_n1471193_10153623898670103_1192694133_n


1546268_10153666508905103_1626288761_n 1661986_10153738118495103_528498965_n 1623656_10153732357355103_1454649135_n 553832_10153677034295103_1299619264_n


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday 1/24/14

  1. deltaflute says:

    Missed you! Although I still see blurbs on facebook.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Miss you too! I need tp get back to readin. Blogs too… Occasionally I will when I see them pop up on FB but its pretty rare :-(. I barely even “really” post on there lately.

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