MPM 27 Jan – 2 Feb


Has been way too long since I have posted a menu… I have been making them, have been stickin to them… which is really the important part, but still.  Anyways, because I’m “behind on here” let me catch y’all up.

This is not going to show in this weeks menu (is just a weird week) but we’ve made/been making some diet changes.  Not perfect with it by any stretch, and still adjusting… but I am really enjoying cooking lately. Edit: Week got even weirder and had to completely redo the menu LoL.. blarg

I’ve also added a couple new cookbooks to my shelf, which I suppose is bad for linking here… I’ll try to find online versions when I can though because so far everything I’ve made from them has been amazing.

Monday – Spaghetti (rice pasta/meatless)

Tuesday – Beer Brined Pork Chops, Green Beans & (?) salad

Wednesday – Chicken & Rice Soup

Thursday – Goulash on Mashed Potatoes

Friday – Baked Bacon & Tilapia (recipe from Celtic Folklore Cooking, link is to one that is very close)

Saturday – L – Salad w/ chicken.   D – Goat Casserole

Sunday – Chicken & Leek Pie (from Traditional Irish Cookery, link is similar)

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