7 Quick Takes Friday 2/7/2014




Seriously? We have an 18 month old now? I suppose it makes sense…  He is acting like an 18 month old now. Running and climbing and singing and playing and annoying his siblings… LoL.


Kalila is a very happy little girl right now.  She just signed up for one of the after school classes that start later this month. She’s taking the one on Doctor Who (of course).  She’s only seen a few of the new ones (more Classic) so I started rewatching them with her a couple days ago. ZJ wanted in and they’re having a blast. I’m definitely not complaining either 😀


Wow… So I had this all typed up and ready to go (if late) and lost everything here and below.  Not sure I even want to attempt tryin to get it back…


Something something about missing my college reunion this weekend.  Baba and I started talking about it yesterday wondering when it was exactly. I had a feeling it was around homecoming/masterfollies and sometime this month. Not a pleasant surprise that it was the same day and I hadn’t heard anything before.


ZJ decided he wanted his hair cut yesterday…  He looks so different, I’m not used to it at all.  He started wiggling at the end so its shorter and patchier than it should be, but as fast as it grows not gonna worry about that.


… Cute kid moments as always. Kalila tried to levitate something the other night (Harry Potter)… we heard her yell out “wingardium leviousa!”.  Followed by “huh?” when it didn’t work LoL.


Ending with pics as always

12113_10153790981865103_235485034_n 1560724_10153790909465103_1846700668_n 1896931_10153790909795103_1014143655_n 1891000_10153790909965103_609363329_n 1656005_10153790909625103_1737494090_n   


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday 2/7/2014

  1. Salma says:

    Thanks for the update. 18 months? Oh my. We had a bad haircut story too. I thought I’d fix it before baba came home, but I got busted 😦

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