7 Quick Takes Friday 2/28/2014




I know, I know.. No posts lately.  Thing’s have been weird around here.  Two weeks ago (and possibly the one before that) I just didn’t have time.  But last week I just had no clue how to do them with what all is going on (or not going on) around here.  Basically waiting on when work is going to start here… The latest timing on it might actually be for the best, but still hard on sticking to anything.


Baba has been on a diff schedule at work for the last two weeks. Today is his last day on it and I’m not sure which one of us is happier about that. I might just bake a cake or something tonight lol


My new carrier came in yesterday.  Yes I am way too excited about it.  Absolutely love the thing.



Kalila had her first after school class this week.  She loved it and has been talking about it all week.  She did complain about the episode they watched being in black and white though lol. Apparently black and white “hurts her eyes”.

She’s all kinds of excited that they have started reading the second Harry Potter book in her class (as of yesterday).



ZJ is continuing to talk more and more.  Several theories floating around on the Subject but either way it’s a huge relief. I wasn’t worried about that as much as the other stuff – he did talk quite a bit around us and it wasn’t noticeably an “issue” until he took off with it.

He has, however, been very clingy to me the past few days.  Not a problem really, not upset or anything, just wanting to spend more time with me… mostly on my lap or being held.  He’s still playing with the other two and running around most of the day though.

The kids have been running around pretending to be Rose and the Doctor all week right… Well, the other day I asked ZJ which one he was and at first he said 11. No surprise there, he’s been his fav pretty much from the first time he saw him. Well Kalila started arguing that he’s 9 and he changed his mind and said no, 6.  Totally random he’s never seen 6.  Since then he’s decided that Keiran is 4, Baba is 9 and that I’m Donna lol


Keiran is running around being a cutie. As usual. Lately he’s been shaking his finger at me saying no no (not sure where he got it from,  don’t do that) and grabbing my face from on my back and pulling me around to say hello (he says hello). Loving on Baba a ton… the past two nights he’s gotten up and sat with him a bit, cuddled and stuff. Just too cute.

He is throwing more fits lately too.  Unfortunately they’re cute one’s  :-/


And the pictures… haven’t taken many lately.

1922208_10153820252835103_396085700_n 1798519_10153820903530103_251586582_n 1904157_10153836497070103_135677764_n



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