Spring Break

Oops totally forgot to write yesterday…

Spring break snuck up on me this year. I couldn’t believe it was here already… and now I can’t believe it’s almost over. We didn’t do a whole lot… Mostly kids playing here at home while I worked. Same as always.

But they did get to go spend time with Gido (pics from playing before)

1920581_10153905106515103_1026180111_n 1912004_10153905100185103_1302692230_n 1981930_10153905106325103_1398611452_n

And we went to the zoo yesterday.

1557740_10153907677600103_671550728_n 1977080_10153907678080103_25171574_n 1486850_10153907677970103_741174714_n 1912524_10153907677750103_137337066_n 1904202_10153907678310103_1785227336_n 1557686_10153907678395103_1010809171_n 554741_10153907678500103_62658814_n 1240581_10153907678670103_1904259777_n 1390461_10153907750355103_334920161_n

Def not attempting all three alone again lol – it started off ok, but by the end ZJ was melting down and I was wiped.

Back to work after and getting everything prepped for next week. Can’t wait!

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