MPM 17 March – 23 March: Lent & Irish Week


Eeee my favourite menu post of the year 😉 Although it’s going to be split into two now that we’ve decided to do the same for St Andrews Day in November w/ Scottish food… not sure why we haven’t been already.

I decided to get a head start this year and made today’s lunch last night.  Mostly because I wanted Kalila to have it for lunch too.


Most of the week will be leftovers for lunches. I really doubt we’ll need to make something else for any, but I did make sure we have the stuff for beans on toast or chips sambo just in case.

Note: Most of my recipes are coming from “Traditional Irish Cookery” by Carmel Kavenagh this year… with a few exceptions. I will still link what I can find though. Anything w/ an asterisks I’m using the online link (there are more than I thought) the rest are from the cookbook. Unfortunately I couldn’t find some of my favourites from there…

 Anyways, Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Minced beef & Mushroom Pie


Potato Stuffed Chicken with Green Beans


Beef w/ Guinness & Boiled Potatoes


Bangers & Mash*

Bubble & Squeak*


Potato & Leek Soup*

Fish Cobbler with Colcannon


Grilled Pork Chops*

Dublin Coddle*


Limerick Style Ham in Cider, Potatoes & Peas

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