Circle School: Big Give, Whole Foods & IFF

I know at some point or another I’ve mentioned my daughters school.  I can’t remember how much I’ve said about it, and not really going to go looking at the moment lol. That said.. my daughter goes to the Circle School.  It is a private co-op school here in SA. We absolutely love it there… for so many reasons.

Anyways, point of all this is that we have three fundraisers going right now.

The first is incredibly easy and I would appreciate any and all help we can get with it.

Big Give SA.

Right now there is a video contest going on with Big Give SA.  Several parents got together and made this really cute video for it.. They did a wonderful job.  And there are two ways for us to win this one.

1.  You Tube views.  Please watch and like on YouTube.  Easy.


2.  This one is a little more complicated… and again thank you Laira for your pictures here :-). Way easier to explain this way.

Head over to this post on Facebook:


Yes I linked it 😉

That’s not where you need to like though.  Scroll through the comments on there and like this post by Maray:


I cannot link this one unfortunately. Or I would. We are very close to being in the lead on this one last I heard.

Whole Foods


I don’t think that one needs any explaining lol   If you’re in town and need groceries please keep this in mind.  We don’t normally shop there, but making an exception that day.

And IFF… International Food Festival.


April 5th.  This one is a lot of fun. There will be lots of good food, entertainment, silent auction, etc.  If you’re in town please come/let me know if you need tickets.

On top of that we are still looking for silent auction items.

I think that’s it.. for now anyway.  :-).

2 thoughts on “Circle School: Big Give, Whole Foods & IFF

  1. Ashley H says:

    liked the video and comment :] Wish we had a program like that

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