7 Quick Takes Friday 3/28/2014




No MPM this week… turned into a good thing.  Work on the house was pushed back again, and the last half was geared towards that.  I’ve managed to somewhat stick to what I had planned though and figuring out how to adjust this last bit hasn’t been too bad.


Went looking in my jewelry box Weds night for something and realized something totally different was missing. My cross.  The one my Godparents gave me when I was Baptized. I could have sworn it was in there and panicked when I couldn’t find it. Went over that box at least 3 times. Looked in Baba’s. Looked in my older ones that had most taken out of. Even pulled out the one with our rings to see if it was in there.  Finally called it a night, lit my St. Anthony candle, said a prayer and went to bed. Thurs I did that all again plus pulled everything from the bathroom cabinet where I used to keep the jewelry boxes.  Decided to look in one of the old ones one more time before bed and found it mixed in/tangled up with some others I’d planned to get rid of when I have time to go through them.

So thankful I found it…


Time change is STILL getting to me. We need to stop this.  Or at the very least never do it during spring break again. Bad bad idea.


Kalila has started playing Mario Cart the past few weeks.  She is hilarious…  Starting to really get the hang of it, but dear Lord she sounds like Baba. The whole thing cracks me up.


The boys are both growing like crazy lately.  ZJ looks like the 4year old he’s about to be. Keiran went from a size 3 shoe to a size 5 in the last two or three weeks.  Makes me glad we weren’t able to find any “his size” when we looked.


Mama Lynn wrote a book.  A Light in Africa.

One of my Mission Moshi friends mentioned it on FB and I immediately had to get it. I’m so glad I did.  I was right, it was hard to read in places. I recognize a good number of the stories. Some from her telling us in person. Others from meeting that particular child or person. Others from keeping up with her blog (which I try to do… usually means reading in spurts months or longer apart).  Made me teary more than once. Made me laugh a few times too… I could just hear Mama Lynn.

I definitely recommend it. She’s an amazing woman with some amazing stories.



2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday 3/28/2014

  1. Abby Walker says:

    I had no idea about Mama Lynn’s book. thats awesome. Was Rheema’s story in there?

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