7 Quick Takes Friday 4/18/2014



Oops posting a little late, but didn’t forget. Today (yesterday)’s been as busy as the rest of the week.  Finally got some of the stuff we’d planned to get out of the house actually out of the house. Now to get the rest done…

I guess it works out anyway since tech there’s no 7 takes today (after I type this all up lol). Makes sense with it being (was) Good Friday, but oh well.


Monday was my b’day… We celebrated last weekend.. went out for sushi and sent the kids to my MIL’s.  Went looking for my “present” too but no luck. All I wanted was to replace my Tech shirt, but try to do that here lol. Finally just ordered it online.

Other big thing that day (bigger really) was finally making a long overdue phone call. Timing was a coincidence… The boys just happened to go to sleep at the same time and give me a chance to make it. I’m still kicking myself for taking so long to do it.. more so after finding out I’d had the number all along (packed in a box in an old planner).  Still, glad I did…


Have I already mentioned replacing the truck? We had a nice surprise this weekend when we realized we can (barely) fit all 3 car seats in the back. The kids absolutely love it… mostly because they’re all together.  We do too though.


ZJ has decided Dr Who is his latest fav show/game to play.  Lately he’s been the 9th dr, but he regenerated today (in honor of Tennant’s b’day maybe?) LOL.  He uses a cylinder wood block for a screwdriver too. And has to wear his jacket when he’s playing. It is stinking adorable. Before Kalila was initiating it, but lately its all him… and he’s randomly asking to watch it instead of cartoons.


Kieran is doing great with sleeping in his bed. He’s even putting himself down. Its adorable.


I decided to make chicken tacos the other day… They didn’t even come close to what I wanted, but Kalila loved them.. Ate 7 and 3 helpings of rice. I don’t think I’m gonna have any complaints about playing with th recipe.


10251889_10153997126005103_3138280503664867122_n 10152432_10154007951905103_3640320156995801379_n 10260039_10154007952405103_6086314378647444052_n 1509732_10154015163580103_7324647243360900271_n (2) 10014679_10154014630100103_5678766906269276313_n 1004868_10154021370390103_653225888614583651_n   

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