7 Quick Takes Friday 4/25/2014



Another busy week here… and another short one for Kalila.  No school today… Spent the day running errands and stuff and just had fun.


Don’t think I mentioned it when it happened, but I won the raffle (again) at IFF this year.  This time it was a bed and breakfast stay.. which is exactly what we were talking about doing for our anniversary.  Perfect timing 🙂  I made the reservation yesterday (why I’m thinking of it now) and we’re looking forward to it.


We had a feeling ZJ had a growth spurt recently… and taking him to get shoes last weekend proved it. He jumped 2 sizes lol. No wonder he was refusing to wear them.


Kieran Keiran Kieran…

This little boy I swear…  He’s started saying things like “mine” and “I don’t wanna”.  He’s joined in on the Doctor Who frenzy… he made his own sonic screwdriver (ZJ progressed from the wood block to a tube from a flashlight he took apart, Kieran did the same with a pen) and runs around pointing it and making the sound. He climbs on everything. Has been walking into the school playground with us. Holds our hands. Etc. Too much Buddy.


Easter was great.  Kids had a blast. I got some cute pics.


ZJ decided to include Charlie in his games this week too. She is now K9 lol.  I need to get video’s of this whole thing… he cracks me up. I’m just glad he’s letting me get more pictures lately though.


1897808_10154032601805103_9057851714479260084_n 10258740_10154039786145103_4517977839106848017_n 10269396_10154097584410397_7681352116722211500_n 1463517_10154032462150103_4638636280249207031_n 10169406_10154031593355103_7869266523470819853_n 10176205_10154031591565103_8700158280815802452_n 10301175_10154050302175103_5066986829329481277_n   

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