What a week :-)

Yeah sorry no 7 takes post this last week… Friday was just too busy.

But… We had a great week. I enjoyed (cooking) our menu, really liked some of the new recipes I tried. ZJ’s birthday went well. I made a gluten free devils food cake. I couldn’t bring myself to try it (lol) but Baba said it was ok and the kids loved it. ZJ changed his mind about Dublin Coddle and asked for brinner instead. Worked out well since our potatoes went bad… He loved the sonic screwdriver we got him… has not parted with it since. The rest of the week just flew by.

Friday… We spent most of the morning running errands and getting kids stuff ready/loaded. Picked Kalila up from school and ran straight to the B&B to check in. Left from there to get the kids to my MIL’s and then back here to finish packing up our stuff and head back over.

Had dinner at the River Walk… which we mostly enjoyed. Unfortunately we had two runins with some drunk guy (the same drunk guy) who tried to get in my face. Didn’t totally ruin the night, but still. :-/

Saturday we went back to the riverwalk to the mall there and a couple other shops.. Ate out at the Cove (one of my fav restaurants) and went out for drinks. Again had a really nice day…

The B&B (Eva’s Escape) was really nice too. We absolutely loved it. Definitely recommend the place and very thankful I won that raffle lol.

Went to get the kids this morning… So happy to have them back. Missed the little daleks. They had a good weekend too (of course). Kalila even made us little Anniversary cards. Was so sweet.

But now we go back to normal. As nice as this was, I’m looking forward to that too.

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