7 Quick Takes Friday 6/6/2014



FolkLife time again already. Somehow it snuck up on me…  Looking forward to seeing Kalila dance again 🙂


Finally admitting to myself that we’re taking a break from cloth diapers for awhile.  Not that I really want too… but between water issues here (really hard water is giving us hell with laundry), something causing a rash that we can’t figure out, packing and everything else going on around here… I’m just exhausted and keep catching myself reaching for the sposies we bought for my MIL’s house.  So 7th Gen diapers it is… until we move anyway. Will happily go back after we’re settled.


We’ve had our first week of summer break now…  Since I didn’t write last week, K’s graduation thing was cute. Unfortunately I missed most of it (and all of her class) because Keiran was wiped and just lost it.  Last day of school picnic was nice though.  And this last week… was long lol.  Kalila is even ready to go back 😀


Spending this summer catching up on Kalila’s religious ed class here at home.  With every one sick so much she ended up missing way too much so we got her book last week and making our way through it.  She is really excited about it thankfully.


Van totally died the week before school let out.  There’s one we’re looking at, but not sure when/if we’re getting that one.  Obviously it has to be replaced at some point this summer but for now we’re down to one vehicle  . Joy.


Had a surprise visit from my sister about a week or so ago too.  Very happy to see her and that she got to meet her youngest nephew 🙂  ZJ hid of course :-/  and Keiran made all kinds of funny faces.


710300208_10154166949875103_6812407797408311053_n 10358718_10154162325615103_514183890405314030_n 10376050_10154181665265103_4697186168570776140_n 10394849_10154181664945103_8750875438758380913_n 10413375_10154162325825103_5525197392071013076_n.




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