Last day of “summer”

I know I didn’t post hardly at all this summer. Honestly, be glad I didn’t… Most of them wouldn’t have been very happy had I had time or the energy to write.

Long story short, a lot happened. 

In the middle of everything else was a long drawn out process of where and when are we moving. We came very close to moving to Dallas (still a bit sad we dosing) but didn’t. It’s mostly sorted now… Still no exact date, but we are staying in the area… Just the other side of it soon.

With all of that, and a bit of the rest thrown in, school was a serious issue. We’d planned to keep her in the circle school if we stayed, but crap happened and we had to pull her out mid summer without having a plan set. 

Once we figured out where we’d be we settled into homeschooling being the best option for the next semester. Neither of us was OK with putting her in a new school only to pull her out a couple months later for yet another new one.

That plan changed a little bit today after talking to a friend. Two others we know are doing the same for the year and with us talking field trips and getting together and stuff baba is OK with the whole year.

Down side is if I’d known earlier I might have gone a slightly different way with the main  curriculum I’m using, but no complaints either.

As upset as I was at first, I’m really looking forward to it now. Kalila is more than ready to start. I think it’s gonna be a good year.

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