7 Quick Takes – Aug 7


  1.  Yeah I’m actually on here and writing… Once again not promising it’ll continue, so don’t count on it lol. I’m blaming the desktop being up… easier to type. But seriously I just feel like writing tonight…
  2. Keiran is 3 years old today!  I can’t believe how big he’s getting. He’s still the funniest little guy I know… which is saying something since I’m surrounded by funny guys 😀 I kept asking him earlier how old he is (he does know) and he’d yell 60…  Baba took him out for a haircut earlier too. I loved his long hair, but the bangs were driving me batty.                                                                    11811465_10155884728105103_4495628183176677370_n 11863245_10155883999925103_3689506748086976876_n
  3.  3.  World Breastfeeding Week –  We went to the latch on last Saturday… One of Baba’s cousins stayed with the older three and we took the twins. It was a lot of fun and I ended up meeting another twin mom there. I also had my first (and hopefully only) bf picture reported as nudity instance… which was more than a little amusing as I had the baby in a ring sling and absolutely nothing was showing.                                                      11825032_10155861544090103_1981380621602123494_n
  4. Getting stuff ready for Kalila and ZJ to start school. I have serious mixed feelings about it. Kalila’s excited if still extremely upset that she won’t be at the Circle School. ZJ, I have no way to gauge what he’s really thinking. He seems resigned to the idea, but shuts down if we mention his teacher might be a woman.  Baba’s thrilled that they’re going to his old school (or at least that’s the plan).  Me… Part of me is looking forward to having something of a break… and part of me would really rather be homeschooling again. I enjoyed it last year.  I’m still failing to see how it’s impossible to do with babies, esp when so far they’ve been easier than the pregnancy was.  Whatever though, we’ll give it a shot.
  5. Speaking of babies.. they’re growing like crazy too. It really hit me today when I was changing Anisa’s diaper. We’ve been putting them in OS diapers for awhile now even though technically they don’t fit right.. We have nb covers for our prefolds, but not nearly enough… so it was just easier to move them in the BG’s and Freetimes that we were given by another twin mama here in town (so thankful for them, it’s a decent sized stash & they’re such a help).  Well today I was putting one on Anisa & the fit was perfect. Too fast… just too fast.
  6. Granny is coming this weekend. We’re all looking forward to that…
  7. On similar note, the boys went to stay with Gran last weekend too. They had a blast as always… and it gave us a chance to go out together to run errands and go to Church. Its the first time I’ve been since well before the babies were born and their first time period. Was nice…

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