Our Week

No quick takes this week…

 Mom (Granny) came in on Sunday and stayed until Weds morning.  The kids had a blast of course…                                   11822853_10155893318940103_128878129158271071_n 11831778_10155893154900103_8715391180040375008_n 11866386_10155893674620103_2758531906695194758_n 11873414_10155902139675103_387781888234866059_n11817232_10155896611470103_6396199060530233365_n

Baba enrolled Kalila & ZJ in school… Sigh… I have mixed feelings honestly.  I liked homeschooling last year… I liked the Circle School the two years before… Not an option for us this year sadly, and I get that… but I hate the idea of where they’re at even if everyone else around me feels the exact opposite. But on the other hand, it does equal out to some kind of a break during the day… and I’m still doing school with Keiran (not nearly as involved, he’s only 3) and a good chance still doing Spanish with Kalila after school, unless by some chance she has it there… Trying to focus on that lol.

I’m sure there were other things that happened… but that’s about all I can think of at the moment.

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