MPM 24 August – 30 August


Before I post my menu, last weeks new recipe (the lemon butter chicken) was a huge hit. I had to adjust a bit, partly because I can’t/won’t use thyme (I don’t want to risk drying up… I’m sure the amount in it would be fine, but not a risk I’m willing to take with twins) and partly because  we only had drumsticks. I really thought we had the thighs, but oh well – it worked just fine!

Taking a break from our normal beans & rice Monday night this week too.  Today was the first day of school (not sure I’m ready to talk about that lol) and it’s one of the kids favorite meals… plus is always nice to have Baba cook!

Monday – Brinner

Tuesday – Carnitas

Wednesday – Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Thursday – Spaghetti

Friday – Tilapia

Saturday – Beef Fajitas

Sunday – Ranch Pork Chops

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