Where’d the Time Go?

Gah, I just realized how long it’s been since I posted ANYTHING…

Short version… Life with twins/5 kids is insanely crazy more often than not. I love it… and honestly, so far, it really hasn’t been bad. But still crazy and busy and exhausting. And we moved! Finally… So add in all that goes with that. I’m still not done unpacking (but getting closer and closer).

The kids are doing well in school, even if it’s been a bit of a mess. They were at one last semester and moved to another this. Noone was really happy about it, and we’re hoping to put them back at the other next semester. This one isn’t bad, it just doesn’t have all of the options the other has and ZJ needs.

ZJ… was tested for SPD and Austim at the first school.  He definately has SPD, but was just a few points shy of the cutoff for Autism.  Which on one hand is great (not to say it wouldn’t be either way – we just wanted to know), on the other means he doesn’t qualify for anything with the district. We worked out a plan to get him as much help as we can right now though, and the second school is (somewhat) attempting to follow it. He’s still making progress there at least and some of it is bigger than the progress he was making before even.

Kalila I feel worse for, just too many changes one after another. She’s still doing great… but she misses her friends and is going back over things they had already covered, so she’s a bit bored too.

Keiran I’m trying to work with at home, but that’s easier said than done right now… We signed up for a trial of reading eggs recently though, and he absolutely loves it. He’s right in the middle of his 3’s though and it shows. He is a handful lol.

Anisa & Leith… They’re 8 months old now. It has flown by… Both are crawling and cruising all over the place. Nici has 2 teeth fully in, and 2 more coming through. Leith is still toothless lol. Both eat everything in sight. They fight like mad, not all the time… they play just as often… but still over everything.  The worst bit is while nursing… I try to avoid tandem when possible because it never fails they decide they want the same side and start shoving, pinching, etc…

Charlie had to go stay with a friend. Noone is really thrilled about it, but there’s just no way she could stay in an apartment.

And I guess that’s it for now…


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