Friday Catchup

Lets see…

Keiran is over 8 weeks old now and growing like crazy.  I had my 6 week visit (long story short I forgot it at 6 weeks and had to reschedule) on Tuesday and we weighed him there… he’s 12 lbs 3 oz now!  I love the amount of chunk on him too… esp those thighs 😀

He’s starting to smile more now too. Apparently the ceiling fan in our room is either hilarious or just makes him incredibly happy because it gets the most smiles.  The past few days he’s smiling at us making faces and stuff too though.

Beyond the appointment Tues, the biggest thing this week is the boys and I actually made it through a whole week of going to daily Mass.  I’ve thought about doing it for years and just kept putting it off for one reason or another. Well now that Kalila’s in school… I have to drive right past this one particular Church every morning right as they’re about to start Mass so its perfect timing right there…

So far, on top of the obvious, its made for some entertaining (and slightly embarrassing) moments.   ZJ is a lot calmer than his sister at Church, but he’s 2…  I’ve had to stop him from escaping a few times (daily).  Yesterday he found a picture of Jesus on the cross in a book and asked “What happened to him? What happened to him? What happened to him? WHAT HAPPENED TO PETER PARKER?!?”  Apparently its fun to jog up and back  when I’m going up for Communion too… To be fair he only did that the first couple of days, today he actually held my hand and walked quietly up there.

Keiran sleeps quietly in his carrier thankfully. Well… I have heard a few snores lol.

Speaking of said carrier… I got this picture at the groc store today.  Just love the look on his face 🙂

And of course Kalila’s had a good week at school. Last night she cracked me up by calling Baba “Mr. Jason”  (her teachers name).  It took awhile before either of them caught what she’d done lol.  Today is her long day (after school class) so she’s pretty excited about that.  What she’s not happy about is that Monday is a holiday and no school.  Poor Kalila…

ZJ on the other hand has not wanted to go to school at all this week.  I’m seeing a glimspe of what we may go through with him in the future and not liking it at all lol.   The whining I mean… I’m sure he won’t throw himself down and refuse to walk then right? 😉  I have a really cute picture of him sitting in the grass at the park during one of these protests, but it won’t post for some reason. *sigh*

Spoke too soon 🙂  Here we go!

Ok baby’s asleep and I’m ready to eat… and get some stuff done. I suppose I should get some stuff done too lol.

Since I Promised…

Not only did I get some pictures, but a video too 🙂

Finally caught ZJ singing the ABC’s (thought it took awhile).

After 2 years or so Kalila has decided she LOVES her Vsmile…

Ignore the mess on the walls, I’m working on finding a way to clean them w/out taking the paint off :-/

Sleeping ZJ

These are a bit older, but some more of my fav’s I haven’t shared yet.



Quick Update

Last week was pretty uneventful… so this is going to be pretty short.

The weekend was another story lol.  My BIL (aka Uncle Trevor) was in town…  Kalila went absolutely nuts.  ZJ took a bit to warm up to him again but had about the same reaction once he did.  And by the time he left this morning, ZJ was screaming “Uncle Trevor” at him over and over…  It was adorable!

Anyways, since he was here we had lunch with Gran & Papa Brian on Saturday… We’d planned on going out to their place but things got changed around and we all ate at a restaurant here in town.  Because of that we had a bit more time and decided to take the kids to see Brave.

First off, it was a cute movie.  We all loved it… Kalila was scared of the bears, but just hid her face for a few seconds and asked for a hug. That was it…  Beyond that, it was the first time either of them has been out to a movie.  They both did great… it was a lot of fun.

Sunday we had lunch with Gido… and Uncle Trevor brought Aunt Lauren & Uncle Wesley along too.  Was nice… and before we knew it we didn’t have time to run home before my meeting lol.

SANP meeting week = trip across town, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so stinking hot.  Thankful I got to go either way though, was just nice to have a break and everything.

Today I had another appointment at the BC.  As always it went well… The kids didn’t want to leave lol.  What surprised me (though I guess I’m not sure why) was hearing that after my next appointment in 2 weeks we’ll be going to once a week visits.  Just seems crazy that we’re to that point already… or almost lol.

Since I hadn’t done one in awhile got this earlier –

And tonight was the Sour Cream Chicken recipe from Pintrest…

Thoughts – Its good.  I would recommend it… but Baba and I both agree it needs tweaking.  Possibly because I did a little to begin with (doubled recipe, cut paprika in half due to running out, lime instead of lemon though I doubt that’s an issue, and homemade bread crumbs… plus cooking longer due to more chicken and our stove).  We also agreed that while we do want to do it again, its not going to be in regular rotation… not that its not good enough, just the cost of ingredients. Not horribly expensive, but def not the most budget friendly meal.

Other random stuff –

Still working on marking things off of that to do list I have up there.  I have a feeling a few more will be added soon, but I’ve marked enough off that I feel somewhat productive lol.

More  Cow Patties are on their way… I can’t wait to see them!

Starting week 2 of my HB classes today… which means I need to get off asap.

And… Lots of cute pics that I need to go through and see what I want to post on here (of the kids that is) but not happening tonight!

Friday Catchup Whatever…

It has been a long week…


The Good – Kids did amazingly well at Church.  Definitely seeing improvement there.  I had my SANP meeting that afternoon too (mama free time lol) and it was nice… was on children’s dental health this time and got a lot of good info/advice.

The Bad – While I was at the meeting Baba had the kids at a playground and a little boy went after ZJ.  He’s ok… and I’m not getting into the whole thing now, but the whole situation was just bad all the way around.  Thankfully the kids got over it pretty quickly, one night of being a little fussy and a day or so of Kalila talking about it and haven’t heard anymore since.


Had my appointment.  In awe of already being to the “go every 2 weeks” point.  It went well of course. I wish I had pictures though because they let Kalila put the doppler thing on me and she was so excited about that lol.


Go Baby Go (seriously one of my favourite shops here in town) reached 2500 fans on Facebook and opened up a huge giveaway. They’re doing one for a Boba 3G Babycarrier .   <GBG Facebook Giveaway linked here>   Btw I am not getting an entry for mentioning this here…  You enter by doing reviews on her shop of items you’ve tried and leaving a comment on the giveaway post.  A little more time consuming than the rafflecopter (esp if you’ve used much lol) but still pretty easy.  No sharing because a) its a great giveaway and b) like I said before I absolutely love GBG.

Nothing else really happened Weds btw…


One of the baby’s from my due date group that has already been born had surgery yesterday morning.  She came through it well, but they do still need prayers.

They aren’t the only ones that could use prayers right now either btw…  I heard about 3 different families/situations yesterday that really need them too.

Beyond that:

I’ve missed quite a few things the past few weeks on here…  Now if I can just remember everything.

BAI –  I hinted at this a few weeks ago or so… Took about another week before it became official, and I posted everywhere but here at the time lol.  I am officially a student at Birth Arts International.  Right now I am just going for my postpartum doula certification… I do plan to get others in time, but we decided that was the best place to start.   I’m still very excited about it, even if doing homework and all that again is a bit of an adjustment.

Kalila has decided she wants Clifford the Big Red Dog as her bday theme this year…. We’ll see if that sticks lol, but I did find a recipe that would be perfect for the cake if she does. Will have to try it out soon…

She got her hair cut again the other day too… Kinda sad because it was just long enough that I got it into braids for the first time ever on Sunday (took forever, but still).  But she needed it and it looks cute on her too.

ZJ has taken to the toddler sleepytime script from Hypnobabies…  Unlike Kalila (who would pass out after running through it completely at least twice) he’s out in about 5 to 10 minutes lol.  It is really helping with transitioning him to his bed too…  Last night he slept in there all night, stumbled in here about 4 in the morning right before Baba’s alarm went off.  He wasn’t crying this time either when he did so that’s another big step I think.

Some other recent pics that I like:

That last one was just so sweet… Baba fell asleep watching the Spurs game and Kalila grabbed her stuff off the bed and joined him.  Was just too cute.

I’m sure I’m still missing stuff, but oh well..  So glad the weekend is almost here. Now to start my Friday…


Another Week (Almost) Down

Lets see…

Baba & I (combining here because not a lot to say lol) are doing well.   Can’t believe I didn’t update after our date last week, but we ended up having a lot of fun.  We went out to eat & saw the Avengers… which I knew we’d enjoy, but was even better than I expected lol.  Baba took this picture right before we left for the movie (so this was last week, not the most recent).

Not a whole lot since then. He’s busy with work. I’m busy with stuff here at home.  Fun fun.

Kalila –  Probably has the biggest news of us all this week.  I don’t remember if I mentioned her interview on here, but last month she had an interview for the Prek class.  It went well, but there were only a couple spots open so we were just waiting and hoping… Well a few days ago I got the phone call.  She did not get into Prek, but she did get into Kindergarten.  She’s very excited about it and can’t wait to start.  We’re pretty happy about it too… Is a bit of an adjustment, but still 🙂

She is doing amazingly well with the “new” (not so much anymore) routines this time around.  I guess it finally clicked…  She even walked her Gran through them when they slept over last weekend.  Morning is still a struggle, but the night one is big.  Nights have been so much easier than before…

She’s back to insisting that we’re going to have a little girl after Keiran is born… but like a few days after or something like that.  She kept going on about it tonight wanting to pick names.

I don’t remember when this started, but it never fails to make me smile… She’s gotten into this habit of telling me every night at dinner that I make the best food she’s ever had.  Each one is the best lol.  Poor Baba one night (last week?) he was the one that cooked and I still got the compliment… and when we told her it was him she got this confused look that was just adorable.

ZJ –  Where to start? LOL

Lets see… night weaning is going well.  He doesn’t really ask at night anymore.  Last night he did wake up wanting a drink of water though… He got really upset about it too.

Potty “training” – quotes because its not us doing it – is too.  He’s decided that he needs to get up there (on the big potty) himself and has started dragging the step stool over to help.  The whole time he tells me “Me do it!” lol.  We’re hearing that phrase a lot more in general too.  It really hit me how far he’s come on it the other day though when he had some kind of tummy bug. Poor thing was crying to go potty every few minutes or so (and looked miserable the whole time) but just had to be on there… and that night we put him in a diaper just in case, but the next morning it was completely unused.  Thankfully the bug passed btw.. he’s doing much better.

I need to get some more video’s of him talking… every day he surprises me with something.  Such a fun age 🙂

Can’t believe I almost forgot this one lol… He did great staying away from us overnight last week.  Gran said he got upset when he realized we were gone, but they got him distracted and he did just fine after that.  Night wasn’t an issue… and when we got there he was happy and walked up to me with a big smile. He’s talked about going back since then…  Well, he’s also mentioned sending Kalila there lol.  He got mad at her earlier and that was his solution 😀

Keiran –  Can’t leave him out lol.  Not really much to say.  The pg is going well… He’s moving a lot now.  I swear it seems like he moves a lot more than his brother or sister did.

I should prob get off here and head to bed soon…. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and we have to get an early start.

Sleep & PT Updates

I may regret writing this, but oh well 😉

Kalila and the constant sleep roller coaster…  but no its still getting better.  She’s not fighting bedtime nearly as often.  She does still try to convince us to let her sleep in here… but we got back on their bedtime routine recently and that’s helping a lot with that one.  With both issues really.  Last night she woke up around 10:30 and tried to sneak in here (she usually does, but its early morning which I don’t mind so much).  I was getting ready for bed at the time and watched her crawl in, give a little smile and fall immediately back asleep next to her brother.  I thought about leaving it, but that early no… Got her back to her room & she woke for a second when I laid her down, but again right back to sleep and stayed there most of the night.   Its definitely progress either way and just a huge relief.

ZJ and the potty?  Oh good grief this boy seems in a hurry to grow up lol. No, I know its a pretty good time for him to be working on this now…. And he’s really close.  He’d gotten to the point months ago where he did great using it if we let him run around naked. Boxers on the other hand just confuse the poor boy lol.  We only had 3 pairs until about a week ago so I had a hard time being consistent about putting him in those.  So accident in them = going back to naked or back to a diaper.. and we bounced back and forth a little too much for him to be fully trained.  Granny brought him 3 whole packages of boxers when she came though, so we’ve decided to go ahead and put the diapers away (except for car rides for now… I’m not ready to take that chance lol).  I’m still not going with any serious potty training method… He’s doing well enough w/out that and I’d rather him do it when he’s ready.  He seems like he is. We’ll see how it goes though 🙂

Tuesday Oh Tuesday…

We had another just crazy busy Tuesday… I have a feeling they’re all going to be this way. Its nice though.

Plans for our Easter Egg hunt fell through again because of it. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I started thinking about it and I would have felt bad doing it that day too.  We had a family funeral going on out of town, that unfortunately we couldn’t make it to… and doing the egg hunt while everyone was there would not have felt right.  This weekend though…

Really we only had two things that went on, but they were two really big things.

First the DMV.  Long story short (LOL) I needed to renew my drivers license.  This has been a lot more drama than it should have been because apparently when I changed my name almost 5 years ago… I didn’t.  I went in to renew when my license expired and found out despite thinking it was changed and it being changed on my drivers license… it really wasn’t and I couldn’t renew.  I kept trying to get it fixed and unfortunately there is just no way to do it without going in to the actual SS office and that’s easier said than done w/ 2 kids, 1 car and little time off.  We finally got that done last week and I headed back to get my license yesterday.  And the lady at the check in station laughed (can’t blame her) because I barely made it in time…  If we’d done it after Saturday I’d have had to retake all the tests and everything.  Thankfully, despite the huge line just to get in the building, it went pretty quickly and everyone was really nice so it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

Then we had Kalila’s interview.  Not a whole lot to say here, it went well.  Kalila is still excited about it…  She got to play and she loves the school.  We won’t know for awhile if she’s getting in this year or not because they’re still interviewing some other families, but hopefully it won’t be long.

So that was our Tuesday… Baba’s back at work today and our week here is starting again so… I should get.