Spring Break

Oops totally forgot to write yesterday…

Spring break snuck up on me this year. I couldn’t believe it was here already… and now I can’t believe it’s almost over. We didn’t do a whole lot… Mostly kids playing here at home while I worked. Same as always.

But they did get to go spend time with Gido (pics from playing before)

1920581_10153905106515103_1026180111_n 1912004_10153905100185103_1302692230_n 1981930_10153905106325103_1398611452_n

And we went to the zoo yesterday.

1557740_10153907677600103_671550728_n 1977080_10153907678080103_25171574_n 1486850_10153907677970103_741174714_n 1912524_10153907677750103_137337066_n 1904202_10153907678310103_1785227336_n 1557686_10153907678395103_1010809171_n 554741_10153907678500103_62658814_n 1240581_10153907678670103_1904259777_n 1390461_10153907750355103_334920161_n

Def not attempting all three alone again lol – it started off ok, but by the end ZJ was melting down and I was wiped.

Back to work after and getting everything prepped for next week. Can’t wait!

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a safe/happy Halloween!

Ours has been a lot of fun…

From Circle Fest last Saturday

1395808_10153387052000103_775683877_n 1382076_10153387056715103_1048853785_n

to Gido and Nanna taking the kids Trunk or Treating on Sunday


… Have to insert here. Keiran’s Dalek costume was made in about 5 min the day of lol.  For a last min one I’m pretty happy with it and the kids were all thrilled.

Then of course today… No pics from school cause we couldn’t really go join in on that fun (sadly) but got a couple right after

1424422_10153408048220103_859087518_n 1450300_10153408047895103_224991688_n

And  a bunch before we went trick or treating.  Kids wouldn’t really cooperate but was kinda funny.

1426638_10153410204110103_923204504_n 561613_10153410200695103_1338120750_n1385678_10153410206660103_1677112672_n

And Kalila got a couple of me and my little Dalek.

1383699_10153410201600103_81283170_n 1393705_10153410205550103_922139993_n

And another when he turned into “Dalek Vader”


Poor ZJ flipped part way into trick or treating when he saw a news camera 😦   After that he refused to go near anyone handing out candy, but loved looking at costumes and even said hi to a Spiderman!

999747_10153410199235103_387393387_n 1394789_10153410202215103_1976527659_n

And then Baba came home 🙂

6434_10153410204795103_1895282908_n (2)

So yeah, loads of fun 😀

Happy Easter!

Hey, hope everyone had a happy Easter…

Ours was pretty good.  Still a bit sad we didn’t do the egg hunt here…  And after weeks of complaining about how the plastic eggs she hunts with her cousins are so much better than the ones I dye, Kalila actually asked when we were going to do them and was unhappy that we weren’t.  Go figure…  But we had a good time w/ family.

Backing up a bit…

Kids got Easter clothes from Granny…  ZJ LOVES his suit. He picked it out himself and couldn’t wait to put it on.  Kalila likes her dress so much too, that she wanted me to wash it tonight so she could wear it tomorrow. Sorry hon I am not staying up that late lol.

579600_10152702840505103_649970528_n 60599_10152702841475103_763359173_n 644280_10152702838255103_188862682_n 299234_10152702812020103_166400103_n 562169_10152702840970103_484765104_n


I started making breakfast here, but kinda turned into lunch. Oops.  Found a sausage the kids love. Blueberry maple. Sounded disgusting to us at first, but smells pretty good.  Jas and I had part of an Irish breakfast… eggs, bacon and rashers.  Was really good. Stuffed myself though lol.

ZJ fell asleep on the way to Baba’s aunts house and kinda put him in a mood… He walked in barely awake and saw a room full of people and about melted down, poor thing. He had a hard time most of the day, but was happy to see his Gido – that calmed him a lot.  He refused to hunt eggs still though and then got upset when I went through Kalila’s. And then a half dozen other times that Baba left his sight.

Kalila did great though.  She had fun playing with her cousins, hunting for eggs, all of that… We had a couple of little miss attitude moments, but she wouldn’t be Kalila if she didn’t 😉  No, she was very well behaved…

Keiran was Keiran…  Went to everyone.  At one point he lunged for his Godmother. It was adorable.  After awhile he got tired, put him on my back and he went right to sleep.

The fun isn’t quite over yet, Kalila still gets to go pick out something tomorrow.  Basically we’ve been talking about the “egg candy” for days now…  There’s just too much of it, and usually half of it gets tossed out for being stuff she can’t eat and the other is still stuff she shouldn’t eat but goes after and I deal with the fallout until its gone.  So we decided to trade it out..  I was hoping I could do it with something that wasn’t candy and came pretty close (still holding out hope?), but right before we left she was reminded and decided it had to be candy… So off we go tomorrow to find some she can eat.   I don’t think it’ll be that hard.. but I need to prepare better next year lol.  Oh well, tomorrow will be fun and she’s really looking forward to it.

And a few last pictures:

644258_10152703848990103_1162589014_n 67848_10152703853300103_733822888_n 156502_10152703849810103_1355869218_n 521664_10152703851530103_1994716061_n 522159_10152703851055103_2146805895_n 540153_10152703856635103_1075135185_n

Keiran vs Avocado


That’s right Baby Led Weaning has begun in our house again 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, we’d planned to introduce avocado last Thursday but Keiran was not feeling well at all. We decided to give it another week, but he changed our minds on Sunday!

We ended up going out to eat for lunch that day (usually do on Sunday) and I ordered a salad that had avocado on it. Keiran went nuts trying to get at my plate and everything on it.  After a few minutes of that Baba suggested we go ahead and do it.

The pieces were cut a bit smaller than I would have, but he did really well. He managed to pick them up by himself, but as you can see I ended up using my hand as a plate because he had trouble keeping them in his hand.  He did get them back on his own and in his mouth just fine though.  He only ate about a piece or so but he was really happy with that and iddn’t want anymore.  I think it was a good start 🙂

And of course we all went crazy… Baba got my phone and snapped several pictures including the one above.  ZJ started chanting “Go for it!”  Kalila was doing something similar too.  Note: we were behind a large family bday so we weren’t the loudest there and it didn’t last very long either.

Next up is Lamb and I’m about as excited for that one as I am this because he goes crazy everytime we have it lol.



Happy New Years!

Ok this wasn’t today, was last night… but makes me laugh so had to share 🙂  Don’t worry, for all his trying he didn’t get any 😉


Hope everyone had/has a great New Year!

And hopefully I’ll be able to put up a real post sometime soon lol.. I have a few floating around in my mind, but have a lot going on around here that I need to get done first.

Keiran’s Baptism

I’m still missing a few pictures, but if I wait on Uncle Trevor to send them to me this might never get posted lol… So hopefully I can put up another with some more later 😉

We had Keiran’s Baptism after Thanksgiving Mass…  Which I will admit was really nice.  I like the symbolism and we had some family there that was unexpected.  Of course we were also missing a lot of people we would have liked to have there because it was such short notice and a holiday… but still.

And because apparently this kid wants to have as many crazy stories as possible… this was no different.  First one of the uncles announced that we were having our “daughter” Baptized and then the Godparents were late… Uncle Trevor and Gran ended up standing in for them until they could get there.  Thankfully the rest of it went really well and he was just a sweetie.

I’m still a little irked we didn’t get to have the party… Forget that we don’t get to have people over often, I didn’t get to make the stinking cake.  The first part I’ll get over pretty easy, the cake… I wasted months planning that thing.  Ok forget irked, I’m more than a little pissy over that one lol.

But he was cute 😉

Friday Catchup

Lets see…

Keiran is over 8 weeks old now and growing like crazy.  I had my 6 week visit (long story short I forgot it at 6 weeks and had to reschedule) on Tuesday and we weighed him there… he’s 12 lbs 3 oz now!  I love the amount of chunk on him too… esp those thighs 😀

He’s starting to smile more now too. Apparently the ceiling fan in our room is either hilarious or just makes him incredibly happy because it gets the most smiles.  The past few days he’s smiling at us making faces and stuff too though.

Beyond the appointment Tues, the biggest thing this week is the boys and I actually made it through a whole week of going to daily Mass.  I’ve thought about doing it for years and just kept putting it off for one reason or another. Well now that Kalila’s in school… I have to drive right past this one particular Church every morning right as they’re about to start Mass so its perfect timing right there…

So far, on top of the obvious, its made for some entertaining (and slightly embarrassing) moments.   ZJ is a lot calmer than his sister at Church, but he’s 2…  I’ve had to stop him from escaping a few times (daily).  Yesterday he found a picture of Jesus on the cross in a book and asked “What happened to him? What happened to him? What happened to him? WHAT HAPPENED TO PETER PARKER?!?”  Apparently its fun to jog up and back  when I’m going up for Communion too… To be fair he only did that the first couple of days, today he actually held my hand and walked quietly up there.

Keiran sleeps quietly in his carrier thankfully. Well… I have heard a few snores lol.

Speaking of said carrier… I got this picture at the groc store today.  Just love the look on his face 🙂

And of course Kalila’s had a good week at school. Last night she cracked me up by calling Baba “Mr. Jason”  (her teachers name).  It took awhile before either of them caught what she’d done lol.  Today is her long day (after school class) so she’s pretty excited about that.  What she’s not happy about is that Monday is a holiday and no school.  Poor Kalila…

ZJ on the other hand has not wanted to go to school at all this week.  I’m seeing a glimspe of what we may go through with him in the future and not liking it at all lol.   The whining I mean… I’m sure he won’t throw himself down and refuse to walk then right? 😉  I have a really cute picture of him sitting in the grass at the park during one of these protests, but it won’t post for some reason. *sigh*

Spoke too soon 🙂  Here we go!

Ok baby’s asleep and I’m ready to eat… and get some stuff done. I suppose I should get some stuff done too lol.