Keiran’s Baptism

I’m still missing a few pictures, but if I wait on Uncle Trevor to send them to me this might never get posted lol… So hopefully I can put up another with some more later 😉

We had Keiran’s Baptism after Thanksgiving Mass…  Which I will admit was really nice.  I like the symbolism and we had some family there that was unexpected.  Of course we were also missing a lot of people we would have liked to have there because it was such short notice and a holiday… but still.

And because apparently this kid wants to have as many crazy stories as possible… this was no different.  First one of the uncles announced that we were having our “daughter” Baptized and then the Godparents were late… Uncle Trevor and Gran ended up standing in for them until they could get there.  Thankfully the rest of it went really well and he was just a sweetie.

I’m still a little irked we didn’t get to have the party… Forget that we don’t get to have people over often, I didn’t get to make the stinking cake.  The first part I’ll get over pretty easy, the cake… I wasted months planning that thing.  Ok forget irked, I’m more than a little pissy over that one lol.

But he was cute 😉


Friday Catchup

Lets see…

Keiran is over 8 weeks old now and growing like crazy.  I had my 6 week visit (long story short I forgot it at 6 weeks and had to reschedule) on Tuesday and we weighed him there… he’s 12 lbs 3 oz now!  I love the amount of chunk on him too… esp those thighs 😀

He’s starting to smile more now too. Apparently the ceiling fan in our room is either hilarious or just makes him incredibly happy because it gets the most smiles.  The past few days he’s smiling at us making faces and stuff too though.

Beyond the appointment Tues, the biggest thing this week is the boys and I actually made it through a whole week of going to daily Mass.  I’ve thought about doing it for years and just kept putting it off for one reason or another. Well now that Kalila’s in school… I have to drive right past this one particular Church every morning right as they’re about to start Mass so its perfect timing right there…

So far, on top of the obvious, its made for some entertaining (and slightly embarrassing) moments.   ZJ is a lot calmer than his sister at Church, but he’s 2…  I’ve had to stop him from escaping a few times (daily).  Yesterday he found a picture of Jesus on the cross in a book and asked “What happened to him? What happened to him? What happened to him? WHAT HAPPENED TO PETER PARKER?!?”  Apparently its fun to jog up and back  when I’m going up for Communion too… To be fair he only did that the first couple of days, today he actually held my hand and walked quietly up there.

Keiran sleeps quietly in his carrier thankfully. Well… I have heard a few snores lol.

Speaking of said carrier… I got this picture at the groc store today.  Just love the look on his face 🙂

And of course Kalila’s had a good week at school. Last night she cracked me up by calling Baba “Mr. Jason”  (her teachers name).  It took awhile before either of them caught what she’d done lol.  Today is her long day (after school class) so she’s pretty excited about that.  What she’s not happy about is that Monday is a holiday and no school.  Poor Kalila…

ZJ on the other hand has not wanted to go to school at all this week.  I’m seeing a glimspe of what we may go through with him in the future and not liking it at all lol.   The whining I mean… I’m sure he won’t throw himself down and refuse to walk then right? 😉  I have a really cute picture of him sitting in the grass at the park during one of these protests, but it won’t post for some reason. *sigh*

Spoke too soon 🙂  Here we go!

Ok baby’s asleep and I’m ready to eat… and get some stuff done. I suppose I should get some stuff done too lol.

Another Saint Coincidence…

A couple years ago or so I posted about ZJ and St. Expiditus.  Long story short, he was due on St. Expiditus’ Feast Day… the patron saint of procrastinators (which we are bad about doing and of course ZJ held out another 2 weeks on top of that!).

I haven’t looked to see which Feast Day is on Keiran’s Guess date…

Hmmm… Maybe I should do that… LOL

But we found another little oddity with Saints and our family.  This time its names…  One of the reasons I liked Keiran’s name when Baba brought it up is because its a saints name.  There are 6 of them in fact!  We were talking about spelling again tonight though and I pulled up a page on the name that both mentions the different spellings and people with the name and saw that Saint Ciarán of Clonsost’s Feast Day is on ZJ’s bday.  Baba joked that we gave the wrong boy the name… but no Zavier fits our first son too well.   There is another who’s Feast Day is a lot closer to our guess date, but a little farther than we’re likely to go.  At least I hope!  😀

Good Friday Already?

Sorry it just doesn’t seem possible…

We decided awhile back (at the beginning of Lent?) that we were going to go to Church from Holy Thurs – Easter again this year, something we haven’t done in a long time… I’ve really missed it.   Yesterday started off a bit rough, Baba was going to come straight home from work… but instead got a late call and had to rush.  Thankfully it meant we were completely ready (well Kalila needed to put her shoes on) and made it out the door faster than we ever have before.  We were a little late, but not as much so as we could have been.   Hopefully tonight will go a little smoother.  He’s working again so we’ll see.

I’m thinking I might try this this year for the kids.  I need to go back and see which “dye’s” worked best last year, but I love the way these look and it sounds pretty easy.  Figuring that will happen tomorrow morning so hopefully I’ll have a post and some pics soon 🙂


Oh Forget It…

I was planning to wait until I could find the pictures, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. So… I’ll go ahead and post now before I forget and get bogged down with more stuff.

Did I mention we have this weird scheduling thing where every weekend has something or another going on? Well… it started with last weekend.

Thursday we had a big Mass at the Church (well… of course… where else would it be? LOL) because the Patriarch was in town.  Baba was in the choir, as usual, and I had the kids… I did not expect it to be in the gym, so was a little nervous about that at first… but it went really well.  I can’t exactly say the kids behaved lol, but they weren’t too bad either. And its gonna be a story for when they get older.  First Kalila decided she liked the song during the procession so much that she just had to dance. Ballet.  And no I couldn’t get her to stop… esp with ZJ wiggling around on me.  We sat next to one of the doors so I was able to sneak in and out when I needed too thankfully. It happened a few times.  Then… despite the fact that he’d been snacking on and off the entire time (milk, not changing my stance on kids/food/Church thing) he decided that me making him wait 5 minutes while we were getting ready for Communion was just not going to happen and started screaming “boob!” several times over. Note: That’s when I realized the whole embarrassment issue I used to have a problem with has been burned out of me by my children.  Wasn’t phased at all that time. Thankfully no one seemed to notice anyway and Baba & Gido said they couldn’t hear it across the room.  One of Baba’s uncles (??? I think) was standing near by and seemed to get a kick out of the whole thing… was laughing at the whole kid juggling thing.  Honestly I think that helped me keep my sanity a bit though lol.   Gido took the kids after so we could stay for the reception and that went really well despite me being exhausted.

Friday we were going to run errands but ended up relaxing all day, recovering from the night before lol. Baba had a going away party thing for Uncle Bud he went to that night & didn’t get in until way late though.

Saturday was the Babywearing event at the Cove.  I’m so glad we got to go… was a lot of fun. Thankfully Baba found another dad to talk too 🙂  He was still tired from the night before and I think it would have been a lot harder on him if he hadn’t.  We ended up winning one of the raffle prizes, a new ring sling from Free Rose. I’m still excited about that one lol.  I’ll try and get a pic of that soon.

Sunday Kalila had class at Church and we ran errands, got the groc shopping done.  Nothing exciting there lol.

So now I’m just waiting for this weekend to start up lol.  Baba got hired at a restaurant that we like so that may factor in… probably will. I’m still hoping we can make at least part of the things going on, but we’ll see when he gets his schedule.

Not “weekend” related, but on top of all that… Go Baby Go (a cloth diaper & baby store here in town) is having a big bday giveaway this week.  More like giveaways though… A new one each day of the week plus a bigger week long one plus little trivia giveaways each night. I won a $10 gift certificate the other day on one of the trivia ones!  They’re also very close to their 1000’th order this year so every order gets a gift until 999 and then a big one for the 1000th.  I went ahead and used my cert this morning. We’ve been wanting to try CJ’s BUTTer for awhile and had just put off getting some. Figured now was a good time 🙂

Ok… back to scheduled cleaning and chasing kids around the house 😀

2011 Lenten Challenge For Women

A friend posted about this new group on CAF called 2011 Lenten Challenge for Women. Like she did I’m gonna mostly just gonna post the description:

I have this crazy idea to for a Lenten challenge that may push the envelope for some women. I have personally decided that for the ENTIRE duration of Lent, I will wear dresses and/or skirts every day– in addition, also covering every time I go to church!

Sounds crazy huh!? It’ll definitely test the limits of one’s humility, and hey maybe we’ll learn something out of this?

If you are a lady who’s interested in doing this also, please join me. If you’re a guy who’d like to offer support to us ladies doing this, join us too!

Let’s get creative with our fashion brains here :)

Now obviously the entire Lent part is a grey area for me here lol… It started two days ago. Can I still use the excuse of being used to starting on Weds?

Ashes, Walking & Sleeping

I know I’m combining random things, but.. Oh well.

Since I got a pic of Kalila on her first Ash Monday, I figured I’d do the same for Zavier…I wanted to have it up that night, but… I guess today’s not all that inappropriate either lol.

So cute.  What would have made an even better pic was Kalila right after we got them. She kept looking at me and giggling. This is the first year she’s really paid any attention to it and was asking questions and everything.

Now completely changing subjects.. Here are the video’s I promised you yesterday!

He’s since showed off for both Baba and Gido 🙂

One last picture… is from a few days ago.

Yup, Zavier asleep in his very own bed… or mattress anyway. No he’s not sleeping there full time, but we’re doing a few of the naps there (still doing the stroller/walk to sleep thing for most of them) and some nights (like the one I took this) he starts out there before we go to bed. I’m excited to have it in the house though and think he looks pretty adorable in it. I’m biased though 😉