I’m sure I’m going to adjust this over time, but for now…

I started this blog for family and friends.. both to share a bit of our lives and to share pictures/videos. I am still doing this. Some of it is password protected (more of the pictures and video’s are), some of that (stories, some updates) is not. I’m kind of going by ear on that.

Now.. Over time this thing grew a little bit. I like to talk about things that interest me, my beliefs, etc.  I tried doing it on a separate blog at one point… I didn’t care for that. This is me, take it or leave it, its getting thrown in together.  And I do have very strong opinions on a lot of these topics… however I am not going to “bash” anyone for believing differently than I do or for holding another opinion. I do not appreciate when someone tries to twist my words as if I am doing that.

On top of all that… I have started using my blog more to enter contests/giveaways.  I have only held one myself (and was not given anything for it), the others are all ones I’ve found/entered. I have won a few… I will do reviews on the products I’ve won just like I do for things I’ve bought. I’m not going to give a glowing recommendation for something just because it was free… but I will let yall know that it was something given to me instead of a purchase made.

And I guess thats all for now.


2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Katharine says:

    lol awesome disclaimer page…hehe

    I think you know that some things we do the same and some different, and having strong views on something I don’t feel is bashing at all. I’m the same way. Have not felt bashed one bit!! hehe

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks lol. Yeah I like reading other’s opinions too… am fine with it, but somehow I always seem to get someone who thinks having an opinion other than there’s equals bashing. Mostly happens on CM… a few times in person. And a few on here too… Is aggravating. Its worse when its someone I know in real life too lol. Thankfully that hasn’t happened in awhile.. a few months at least (I think lol).

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