MPM 10 Aug – 16 Aug


Monday – Beans & Rice

Tuesday – Beef & Broccoli

Wednesday – One Pot Chicken & Potatoes

Thursday – Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Friday – Enchiladas

Saturday – Chicken Fajitas

Sunday – Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers


7 Quick Takes – Aug 7


  1.  Yeah I’m actually on here and writing… Once again not promising it’ll continue, so don’t count on it lol. I’m blaming the desktop being up… easier to type. But seriously I just feel like writing tonight…
  2. Keiran is 3 years old today!  I can’t believe how big he’s getting. He’s still the funniest little guy I know… which is saying something since I’m surrounded by funny guys 😀 I kept asking him earlier how old he is (he does know) and he’d yell 60…  Baba took him out for a haircut earlier too. I loved his long hair, but the bangs were driving me batty.                                                                    11811465_10155884728105103_4495628183176677370_n 11863245_10155883999925103_3689506748086976876_n
  3.  3.  World Breastfeeding Week –  We went to the latch on last Saturday… One of Baba’s cousins stayed with the older three and we took the twins. It was a lot of fun and I ended up meeting another twin mom there. I also had my first (and hopefully only) bf picture reported as nudity instance… which was more than a little amusing as I had the baby in a ring sling and absolutely nothing was showing.                                                      11825032_10155861544090103_1981380621602123494_n
  4. Getting stuff ready for Kalila and ZJ to start school. I have serious mixed feelings about it. Kalila’s excited if still extremely upset that she won’t be at the Circle School. ZJ, I have no way to gauge what he’s really thinking. He seems resigned to the idea, but shuts down if we mention his teacher might be a woman.  Baba’s thrilled that they’re going to his old school (or at least that’s the plan).  Me… Part of me is looking forward to having something of a break… and part of me would really rather be homeschooling again. I enjoyed it last year.  I’m still failing to see how it’s impossible to do with babies, esp when so far they’ve been easier than the pregnancy was.  Whatever though, we’ll give it a shot.
  5. Speaking of babies.. they’re growing like crazy too. It really hit me today when I was changing Anisa’s diaper. We’ve been putting them in OS diapers for awhile now even though technically they don’t fit right.. We have nb covers for our prefolds, but not nearly enough… so it was just easier to move them in the BG’s and Freetimes that we were given by another twin mama here in town (so thankful for them, it’s a decent sized stash & they’re such a help).  Well today I was putting one on Anisa & the fit was perfect. Too fast… just too fast.
  6. Granny is coming this weekend. We’re all looking forward to that…
  7. On similar note, the boys went to stay with Gran last weekend too. They had a blast as always… and it gave us a chance to go out together to run errands and go to Church. Its the first time I’ve been since well before the babies were born and their first time period. Was nice…

Our Double Rainbow :-)

Well… I’m going to make myself sit down and write this finally lol.  The twins are a month old now, and I just flat out can’t believe it’s flown by so fast. But here we go… Leith & Anisa’s birth story 🙂

*I probably should include a trigger warning here before I start*

We planned to have another out of hospital birth… I knew from the beginning that there’s a chance it may not go that way, but that was the plan.  We saw the same midwife we had with our older boys (well one of, the other was going to be here too though and we saw her at one of the visits). I tried to make backup plans in case we needed to transfer, but had a hard time doing so… We did talk about it during appointments though.

Most of the pregnancy was pretty uneventful. It flew by… even at the end. I won’t lie and say it was easy… It was my hardest pregnancy. It wasn’t horrible either though… Babies and I were healthy… There were plenty of days that I was doing great… some were harder and I needed a lot of help on those days.

Towards the end two things happened… One, Anisa stayed breech.. The other was my iron and platelets dropped really low.

The first wasn’t a major problem. She was baby A, but being out of hospital meant I still had a good chance of a natural birth.. We discussed adding in a third midwife with a lot of breech (and twin!) experience, and they talked to her when my 38 week scan showed they were still breech.

The second had to change though… So we worked hard on getting those numbers up.

When we started coming up on 40 weeks (and getting excited because it looked like we might actually make it that far) we decided to go in for another scan because Leith kept moving around on us and no one was sure what position he was in.  I had an appointment w/ the midwife the morning before (that Monday), had my blood drawn again, and then went in for that scan that afternoon.  We were laughing at that first appointment because I was walking normally and felt great (that changed daily the last two or three weeks).  Second appointment was weird… Noone agreed on positions and a dr was called in… she pointed out where they were finally and said I needed to discuss plans with the midwife.

We went to run errands after that and got a call on the way home saying the official report said differently than what she’d told me… We were all confused by that, but I was alone back there and no way to say for sure… So officially at that point Leith was now baby A and transverse by my cervix.   We made plans for me to see a chiropractor asap and then go in again in a few days with the midwife present.

Obviously I was stressed at this point…

I went to bed that night though, with plans of making calls the next morning and all that.. and woke up at 3 in the morning to a pop.  My water broke… On my freaking due date.

Called the midwife… Got up and took my last weekly picture – I’d made it to 40 I was getting that picture lol.  She headed over here to see if she could see what positions they were in and called to find out my lab results.  She was pretty sure Anisa was still A and felt butt and feet, but either way… My iron levels were just under what we could safely birth out of hospital with.

So plans were made to go in…

We decided that I would go in with her first, while Jason stayed here with the kids until his dad got here to watch them. That way we could get all the admittance stuff over with… At that point I was a little nervous going in… I knew with their positions it would be a csection, which I was scared to death of… but I knew I needed to go in and was excited about the babies.

Got there and into L&D to be checked… They did a scan, and babies were exactly in the positions I was told (not how they were in the report). Someone started to check my cervix and was telling me that due to baby A being breech I had no choice but c-section… Again I already knew that’d be the case in hospital, but that was the part I remember feeling “off” about it… I remember thinking if my iron hadn’t been too low I wouldn’t need one… but before I could even really finish that thought I heard her say that Anisa’s cord prolapsed.

I think someone explained that we were going to the OR right then, I think my midwife told me she was letting Jas know… Everything is fuzzy at this point. I know they did rush me in.  The only thing I remember about the trip in was it being uncomfortable since she had to hold the cord in… and then the iv’s starting and the oxygen mask. I remember being terrified.  And then nothing.

I woke up about 4 or 5 hours later…

From what I’ve been told (if I can work all this out lol) Jas got there just in time to meet our babies right after. They wiped them off and brought them out to him. They got a really cute picture of him from then too.  Apparently they had trouble with my bleeding after and then my bp shot up and I ended up with preeclampsia… so on top of waking up to babies, I also woke up to a transfusion and the magnesium stuff.

After that things were actually pretty great.

This was the same hospital I had Kalila in… so if you’ve read that one, you can understand some fears I had about that… but no, they were great. Everyone was very supportive and nice. There was a lot of excitement over the babies sizes, how far I’d carried them, and how well they were nursing. My MIL came in and stayed so that they wouldn’t have to go to the nursery that night (Jas had to come home with the kids that first night).  I just had a huge amount of help/support… and I’m extremely thankful for that and for everyone that was there and involved.

Recovery… I guess I’ve been pretty lucky there too, but it still sucks compared to after the others. I still have to laugh that despite us not planning to have any more, the first thing I remember saying was asking if everything was done so that I could VBAC if we did.

And a month later the babies are still doing great…

As for official stats…  they were born at 5:11 and 5:12… Anisa was 7lbs 3oz, 19.5 in and Leith was 7lbs 14oz, 20.5 in.

Can’t end this without pictures 🙂



11752625_10155834307165103_8924301844412829308_n 11825227_10155854209655103_3155892785581304108_n11811412_10155854209175103_4695123644382860135_n 11822853_10155854209450103_8481542100496599515_n

It wont let me caption correctly, so.. The first two are the pictures I mentioned above from the morning they were born. Third is the first picture I was able to take.. Fourth is of my wonderful midwife with them at our 2 week checkup.  The carseat picture was taken a bit before that, and is just one of my favourites lol. Kids one is obvious, finally got one with them all… Babywearing one was when we went out the weekend before last… and then the pics I got when they turned a month old..

Still here… Kinda

So I thought about trying the quick takes thing again.. But a I’m mobile and can’t link.. And b I have no idea who’s hosting it anymore to begin with lol.

A few thoughts/updates though.

I’m not even going to kid myself about posting regularly… Part of the problem has been figuring out what to write when we weren’t sharing a big part of what’s going on here lol..


The other part is finding time when kids, home school, and just trying to get everything done while feeling like crap takes up pretty much all of my day.

Note: I love them already and very thankful for them… But this pg had been harder. Not gonna lie there.

Everyone is doing well though.. Very much so. 

But yeah.. That’s where I’ve been. I may write again soon (I’d like to if only because I enjoy writing) or the next may be a birth announcement… Just please let that not be anytime soon lol, they aren’t due until this summer..

MPM 27 Oct – 2 Nov


Yup I’ve been horrible about posting these.  Again.  But… looking back on the month, we did great with menu planning in general and sticking to them.  And that’s what counts right.  I do want to get back to posting them though, so I’m gonna try. We’ll see…

Monday – Veggie Pot Pie

Tuesday – Bubble & Squeak

Wednesday – BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans

Thursday – Spaghetti & Salad

Friday – Halloween (up for grabs)

Saturday – Chicken Fajitas

Sunday – Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers

First week down

Yeah I prob should have posted Friday… And I haven’t even had time to think about a menu post… But oh well.

Our first week of home school went really well. So far I like the  curriculum we’re using. Kalila is not happy about the reading material in the language arts section, but we’re going through a magic treehouse book on top of it (the planned book is packed, so it’ll wait…) And both her and ZJ are really enjoying that. Beyond that, we’re still making some small adjustments to our schedule … Getting a few last minute things… And enjoying it all. Kalila loves it so far.

Already posted elsewhere, but first day of second grade picture:


Last day of “summer”

I know I didn’t post hardly at all this summer. Honestly, be glad I didn’t… Most of them wouldn’t have been very happy had I had time or the energy to write.

Long story short, a lot happened. 

In the middle of everything else was a long drawn out process of where and when are we moving. We came very close to moving to Dallas (still a bit sad we dosing) but didn’t. It’s mostly sorted now… Still no exact date, but we are staying in the area… Just the other side of it soon.

With all of that, and a bit of the rest thrown in, school was a serious issue. We’d planned to keep her in the circle school if we stayed, but crap happened and we had to pull her out mid summer without having a plan set. 

Once we figured out where we’d be we settled into homeschooling being the best option for the next semester. Neither of us was OK with putting her in a new school only to pull her out a couple months later for yet another new one.

That plan changed a little bit today after talking to a friend. Two others we know are doing the same for the year and with us talking field trips and getting together and stuff baba is OK with the whole year.

Down side is if I’d known earlier I might have gone a slightly different way with the main  curriculum I’m using, but no complaints either.

As upset as I was at first, I’m really looking forward to it now. Kalila is more than ready to start. I think it’s gonna be a good year.