7 Quick Takes Friday 6/6/2014



FolkLife time again already. Somehow it snuck up on me…  Looking forward to seeing Kalila dance again :-)


Finally admitting to myself that we’re taking a break from cloth diapers for awhile.  Not that I really want too… but between water issues here (really hard water is giving us hell with laundry), something causing a rash that we can’t figure out, packing and everything else going on around here… I’m just exhausted and keep catching myself reaching for the sposies we bought for my MIL’s house.  So 7th Gen diapers it is… until we move anyway. Will happily go back after we’re settled.


We’ve had our first week of summer break now…  Since I didn’t write last week, K’s graduation thing was cute. Unfortunately I missed most of it (and all of her class) because Keiran was wiped and just lost it.  Last day of school picnic was nice though.  And this last week… was long lol.  Kalila is even ready to go back :-D


Spending this summer catching up on Kalila’s religious ed class here at home.  With every one sick so much she ended up missing way too much so we got her book last week and making our way through it.  She is really excited about it thankfully.


Van totally died the week before school let out.  There’s one we’re looking at, but not sure when/if we’re getting that one.  Obviously it has to be replaced at some point this summer but for now we’re down to one vehicle  . Joy.


Had a surprise visit from my sister about a week or so ago too.  Very happy to see her and that she got to meet her youngest nephew :-)  ZJ hid of course :-/  and Keiran made all kinds of funny faces.


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What a week :-)

Yeah sorry no 7 takes post this last week… Friday was just too busy.

But… We had a great week. I enjoyed (cooking) our menu, really liked some of the new recipes I tried. ZJ’s birthday went well. I made a gluten free devils food cake. I couldn’t bring myself to try it (lol) but Baba said it was ok and the kids loved it. ZJ changed his mind about Dublin Coddle and asked for brinner instead. Worked out well since our potatoes went bad… He loved the sonic screwdriver we got him… has not parted with it since. The rest of the week just flew by.

Friday… We spent most of the morning running errands and getting kids stuff ready/loaded. Picked Kalila up from school and ran straight to the B&B to check in. Left from there to get the kids to my MIL’s and then back here to finish packing up our stuff and head back over.

Had dinner at the River Walk… which we mostly enjoyed. Unfortunately we had two runins with some drunk guy (the same drunk guy) who tried to get in my face. Didn’t totally ruin the night, but still. :-/

Saturday we went back to the riverwalk to the mall there and a couple other shops.. Ate out at the Cove (one of my fav restaurants) and went out for drinks. Again had a really nice day…

The B&B (Eva’s Escape) was really nice too. We absolutely loved it. Definitely recommend the place and very thankful I won that raffle lol.

Went to get the kids this morning… So happy to have them back. Missed the little daleks. They had a good weekend too (of course). Kalila even made us little Anniversary cards. Was so sweet.

But now we go back to normal. As nice as this was, I’m looking forward to that too.

MPM 28 April – 4 May


This is a big week for us… 2 feast days (that we’re celebrating; St Catherine of Siena and St Joseph), a birthday (ZJ), and our anniversary. Makes for a fun (and short due to the last one) week menu wise.

Monday – Pork Chops w/ steamed veggies

Tuesday – (L) Lily Sandwiches (D) Pasta Santa Caterina

Wednesday  – Dublin Coddle (ZJ’s choice lol, I love it!)

Thursday – Minestrone Soup (Linking the recipe I’d love to use… if I weren’t being lazy and using cans ;-)  )

Friday – Chicken Fried Steaks and Champ


7 Quick Takes Friday 4/25/2014



Another busy week here… and another short one for Kalila.  No school today… Spent the day running errands and stuff and just had fun.


Don’t think I mentioned it when it happened, but I won the raffle (again) at IFF this year.  This time it was a bed and breakfast stay.. which is exactly what we were talking about doing for our anniversary.  Perfect timing :-)  I made the reservation yesterday (why I’m thinking of it now) and we’re looking forward to it.


We had a feeling ZJ had a growth spurt recently… and taking him to get shoes last weekend proved it. He jumped 2 sizes lol. No wonder he was refusing to wear them.


Kieran Keiran Kieran…

This little boy I swear…  He’s started saying things like “mine” and “I don’t wanna”.  He’s joined in on the Doctor Who frenzy… he made his own sonic screwdriver (ZJ progressed from the wood block to a tube from a flashlight he took apart, Kieran did the same with a pen) and runs around pointing it and making the sound. He climbs on everything. Has been walking into the school playground with us. Holds our hands. Etc. Too much Buddy.


Easter was great.  Kids had a blast. I got some cute pics.


ZJ decided to include Charlie in his games this week too. She is now K9 lol.  I need to get video’s of this whole thing… he cracks me up. I’m just glad he’s letting me get more pictures lately though.


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7 Quick Takes Friday 4/18/2014



Oops posting a little late, but didn’t forget. Today (yesterday)’s been as busy as the rest of the week.  Finally got some of the stuff we’d planned to get out of the house actually out of the house. Now to get the rest done…

I guess it works out anyway since tech there’s no 7 takes today (after I type this all up lol). Makes sense with it being (was) Good Friday, but oh well.


Monday was my b’day… We celebrated last weekend.. went out for sushi and sent the kids to my MIL’s.  Went looking for my “present” too but no luck. All I wanted was to replace my Tech shirt, but try to do that here lol. Finally just ordered it online.

Other big thing that day (bigger really) was finally making a long overdue phone call. Timing was a coincidence… The boys just happened to go to sleep at the same time and give me a chance to make it. I’m still kicking myself for taking so long to do it.. more so after finding out I’d had the number all along (packed in a box in an old planner).  Still, glad I did…


Have I already mentioned replacing the truck? We had a nice surprise this weekend when we realized we can (barely) fit all 3 car seats in the back. The kids absolutely love it… mostly because they’re all together.  We do too though.


ZJ has decided Dr Who is his latest fav show/game to play.  Lately he’s been the 9th dr, but he regenerated today (in honor of Tennant’s b’day maybe?) LOL.  He uses a cylinder wood block for a screwdriver too. And has to wear his jacket when he’s playing. It is stinking adorable. Before Kalila was initiating it, but lately its all him… and he’s randomly asking to watch it instead of cartoons.


Kieran is doing great with sleeping in his bed. He’s even putting himself down. Its adorable.


I decided to make chicken tacos the other day… They didn’t even come close to what I wanted, but Kalila loved them.. Ate 7 and 3 helpings of rice. I don’t think I’m gonna have any complaints about playing with th recipe.


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MPM 14 April – 20 April (Holy Week)


Back “home” (have been for almost a week, just no time) and getting back on track. Sorry for lack of links, I’m not searching them out right now. The first happened to be up for obvious reasons.

Monday –  Pork a la Gloria *altered recipe

Tuesday – Samosas

Wednesday – Chicken Tacos

Thursday – Beef and Guiness

Friday – (l) Cheese Enchiladas (d) Catfish

Saturday – Chicken Kabobs

Sunday – Easter